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Leah Gentry
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Born and raised in Salinas, CA; Leah Gentry has 14 years of experience with the violin. With her instrument, she has played in programs such as YOSAL (an El Sistema program) and Youth Music Monterey. In high school, she went outside of the box and decided to play in a jazz band with her violin since she believes in not only trying new things, but to give inspiration. During her time in primary school, orchestras and most music programs were nonexistent so she definitely understands the importance of a variety of extracurriculars. Leah has been accepted numerous times to events as CCS along with Music In The Parks and has gotten recognition through medals and certificates alike. Despite her heavy influence in violin, she also is a violist (14 years), pianist (2 years), vocalist (10 years), and guitarist (1 year) since her studies in Music Therapy require her to know these instruments. Currently, she will be graduating with two associates degrees from Monterey Peninsula College and transferring to CSUN to further her education. Leah looks forward to joining the mariachi group since she enjoyed it so much at MPC. With her strong emphasis in music, Leah has a strong passion in early childhood education. She has 12 units in ECE and has worked in several preschools; giving developmentally appropriate music lessons and activities. She knows how the first 5 years of a child’s life can impact their future. As a child, music has helped her deal with turmoil in her life and wants children to have access to that same love for music. Leah also had the pleasure to work with her teacher at another El Sistema program in Watsonville; teaching elementary to high school aged children. With all of her students, making expectations obtainable is part of the responsibility of being a wonderful teacher and for the student, accountability is an essential part of emphasizing the discipline of being a great musician. However, bringing in the fun is also something old school teachers in violin don’t do. Leah has had her fair share in learning old school violin; stone-cold teachers who yell and degrade their students in which she despises. Leah believes that a teacher can get the same learning outcomes by making up games, listening exercises, and constant encouragement all while the student feels confident and safe in their learning environment. Overall, Leah is kind, compassionate, and most importantly patient with all her students because she comprehends that all children are learning and they learn best when there is ample communication, understanding, and respect. She will be a wonderful teacher for your child because she is warm and inviting and holds tons of passion for music education. Some of the genres she specializes in are classical, mariachi, country, and rock. Outside of music, Leah has four guinea pigs and advocates for small animal welfare. She loves to color, to write poetry, play video games, go on car rides, watch K dramas, and to collect Sonny Angel dolls.


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