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Joerg Kohring
From the beginning on, I have had the pleasure to study with some of the best musicians in the business. This includes Jazz legends Fritz Krisse and Wolfram Seifert as well as Germany’s session guitarist #1 Peter Weihe. I earned my masters degree in Jazz/Pop guitar at the Music Academy in Stuttgart and continued to study at the Music Academy in Hamburg. After teaching guitar at the Music Station in Hamburg, I moved to LA and studied at Musicians Institute in Hollywood.

Subsequently I started teaching at MI as a guitar instructor as well as teaching classes in Harmony & Theory, single string, ear training and guitar recording. During that time I was also working as a global touring/session guitarist (Lifehouse; Lena Katina from t.a.t.u; Blend; Orbit Monkey) which allowed me to deepen and put into practice my theoretical skills. This is the knowledge I am drawing from when teaching guitar, bass or piano.

My setup is pretty straight forward. A Gibson Les Paul, A Fender American Strat (with Eric Clapton stacked humbucker pickups). A Music Man for Whammy work, an Ibanez Joe Pass Jazz guitar, a Martin acoustic guitar, a Lakewood acoustic and a Takaminie nylon string.
I also have a Lakewood and a Fender Jaguar bass.
My main amp is a Bogner mojo, of which only four were built. I got it as a loner from the Bogner factory at first. I fell in love with it and by the time I bought it and toured with it (they gave me a second one as a backup for the tour with Lifehouse), they stopped making it, because it ended up being too expensive for what they were trying to do 😉

In addition I have an old Fender bandmaster for the classic Rock distortion, that I play through the Bogner speakers or an external Marshall 4by10 speaker.

All my effects are stomp boxes. Line six for modulation and delays, Line 6 M9, MXR phaser, wha-wha pedal, some distortion boxes by xotic and a hog2 by electro-harmonix.

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